Editorial: Vote For “Qualified Liberians and Liberia First”

Liberians, during this campaign season are looking to their Presidential candidates for meaningful and substantive solutions following the elections.


Map of Liberia

The long term suffering and economic craziness is unbearable in the nation that has failed to move beyond the election of the same politicians and approaches for the last 170 years and in more recent times in the last 30, and 12 years.

The disgusting pattern by some unqualified professional politicians is to use the less educated and economically deprived citizens to get into the corridor of power and then perpetuate their political lives while also at the same time enriching themselves, families and friends.

In Monrovia, the major slum areas like West Point, Slip Way, New Kru Town, Logan Town and Clara Town are some of the worst urban deprived communities that are represented in the Senate and House of Representatives.

For example, Senator George Weah represents areas in the capital Monrovia which have most of these abandoned and forgotten slum areas

Weah has not offered,  sponsored or co-sponsored bills or attracted any solutions like local or foreign investors to alleviate the suffering in our slum communities. No one in Capitol Building or Executive Mansion cares anymore and the residents of these areas have become only useful for their votes during election time.

Interestingly, Weah and others have used the “divide and rule mentality” to their advantage when they visit these devastated slum areas during campaign season to tell residents that it is the “educated people” who have brought hardship on them.

The ingredients of less education and economic hardship are enough to whip up untested negative sentiments against “educated Liberians”; Mind you, some of these “educated Liberians” live in these same slum communities and because of the lack of opportunities created by the same Weah and others in government they are condemned to remain there.

Weah’s diatribe against “educated people” is misplaced and nonsensical because even he, himself is educated.

Liberia Electorates

Liberian Electorate

Slum dwellers are Liberians too and they deserve concrete and practical solutions to get them out of they cycle of poverty. They should not be seen only as votes and used disrespectfully by others and against other Liberians for the political gain by savvy politicians like a Weah and others.

Educated people are Liberians too.

Weah, in recent days visited the New Kru Town Community, another destitute slum area on the outskirts of Monrovia and promised to “end the hardships” of the residents. But how, when, where and how? He did not give specifics but used the same rhetoric of being their champion and savior.

A less critical person hearing these words from Weah will easily believe him and swing towards voting for him and others like him.

The real issue is to question Weah and others about their past record of alleviating the hardship of Liberians in every slum community they represent.

Where is the provision of clean water and power? Why is there no paved roads or fully functioning clinics? Where are the jobs or training for young Liberians in these communities.

If, as a slum dweller, you cannot challenge these Capitol building residents like Weah and others, what good is the empty promise that they will get you out of hardship? Walk around your neighborhood and see the living condition of others. Educated and non-educated people are living in a vicious cycle across Liberia. Poverty is real in Liberia!

Flag of Liberia

Flag of Liberia

The protest vote that got Weah elected as Senator has not translated into real solutions in neighborhoods or residents would have a jobs, schools, clinics or safe drinking water.

Are you going to follow the crowd and again make the same mistake of voting for the same people who have kept you in the grip of poverty and because someone told you to vote against “educated people”?

By the way,  education drives away poverty because that has been proven over and over again.

Weah and some others have no real record as public officials except to preach divisive politics that “educated people” got you suffering and that it is the “country’s people time.”

No, it is the qualified people’s time and Liberia First time!

Liberians, it is time to think about your own interests, your community and country and vote for the most qualified individual and not necessarily your party candidate. Be you own thinking person and not a blind follower.

Remember, you will live with the same people you vote for the the next 6 years. And the real questions are, will your condition change for the better after October? Are you only voting based on “educated versus uneducated”?

Only you, Liberians,  can honestly answer these questions.

Good luck!

Darkar Bureau

West African Times


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