Editorial: No Discrimination Against Any Liberian

There is an unfounded narrative among some ill-informed in the Liberian electorate that contesting the Presidency is only reserved for those who have remained in the country all this time and are known politically. That mindset of some Liberians needs to be examined and illuminated by facts,.


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Firstly, every Liberian, regardless of ethnic background, religious belief. sex or political affiliation, once qualified under Constitutional stipulations, is eligible to contest for public office. All candidates in this election are examples of this system as it obtains now in Liberia.

The attempt by some at discounting some candidates to the advantage of others by saying, ” He/She is just coming and is not known by us”  is nothing short of outright discrimination and prejudicial; things which are not acceptable in the country’s existence.

Given the over a century of history of denial in the governance space, lack of provision of basic amenities to certain sectors of the population due to location, practice of ethnic supremacy and other divisive tendencies, No Liberian should face the ugly practice of discrimination.

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The current state of affairs in Liberia demand that patriotic individuals from every background who have a “Liberia First” mindset step forward, make the case for their national ideas, approach and implementation. Electing the same failed politicians in every election cycle and refusing to be innovative and trying new proven approaches and solutions have doomed the progress of Liberians and the nation.

West African Times believes that the argument, which some forward-thinking Liberians have made is that for those who have been political players in the last half a century, the current state of affairs speak to the lack of new ideas and ability to address a progressive agenda in the Executive, Judiciary and Legislative branches.

There is nothing new they can offer and must exit left for new ideas and individuals who have a track record of accomplishments.

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