MOVEE Facing Defeat-Discussing National Elections Pull-out?

Reports from the camp of the Movement for Economic Emancipation (MOVEE) political party in Liberia say there is discussion currently underway on the way forward for Presidential contender Dr. Joseph Mills Jones and running mate Dr. Samuel Reeves.

Dr Mills Jones and Rev Samuel Reeves

MOVEE Dr Mills Jones and Rev Samuel Reeves

According to a source in the party with knowledge of the discussions, the MOVEE executive leadership has begun preliminary discussions on pulling out of the elections next week due to sluggish support and lack of penetration among the electorates.

The party which was formed by a former National Bank Governor Dr. Jones has struggled to gain traction or compete with other major political parties or get national recognition on its message.

Dr. Jones, has practically disappeared from public appearance in the last few months.

His running mate, a Baptist prelate Dr. Reeves has also failed to connect in the political theater. At a recent and only appearance at the second Presidential debate, Dr. Jones tried to attack his opponents platform but offered no specifics about his and has since withdrawn from public discussion of the issues.

The MOVEE source told the Monrovia correspondent of West African Times that there is some initial discussion about approaching a major political player to offer support in order to guarantee some inclusion in a new Liberian administration after the post election.


Map of Liberia

If MOVEE pulls out of the race, it will narrow the field of contenders and political observers predict that its logical support will be thrown behind the ANC based on their style and platform and approach to providing practical solutions.

Partisans and supporters have been leaving MOVEE  in droves for other political parties.

According to its website, MOVEE says, “as a political party, it believes in the Economic Empowerment of the Liberian People.”

Liberians go to national Presidential and General Elections on next Tuesday.

Reporting by Timbo Ngozi in Lagos Bureau and James Pay in Monrovia


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