Liberia: CDC VP Candidate Again Says Will Carry Out Charles Taylor’s Agenda

The Vice Standard Bearer of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) in Liberia Senator Jewel Howard Taylor has doubled down on her statement that, if elected, the CDC will implement the agenda of the former ruling party the National Patriotic Party (NPP) of former Liberian President Charles Taylor who was convicted in April, 2012 and is serving a 50 jail sentence for aiding and abetting war crimes in Liberia and the West Africa sub-region.

Charles and Jewel Howard Taylor marraige

Charles and Jewel Howard Taylor Marraige

Ms. Jewel Howard Taylor, an ex-wife of Taylor, when asked by journalists about her statement tried to clarify it somehow but in so doing confirmed that the NPP agenda will be pursued, a clear indication that Taylor is manipulating his ex-wife to gain influence.

Our Monrovia correspondent reports that this development happened shortly after the CDC Presidential candidate Senator George Weah returned to the capital Monrovia on Friday afternoon from a campaign stop when he also tried to deny speaking to Taylor a few months ago.

Senator Weah, the political leader of the (CDC) admitted on March 16, 2017 to having had recent telephone conversations with Taylor. 

“I was in a gathering and one of Mr. Taylor’s relative was in conversation with him (Taylor), and the guy walk up to me and gave me the phone saying President Taylor wants to talk to you; so I held the phone and spoke to him,” Weah admitted then.

Charled G. Taylor

Charles G. Taylor

Shortly after the call, Senator Weah engineered the selection of Taylor’s ex-wife Jewel Howard Taylor as his running mate in elections scheduled for next Tuesday.

The international community has warned the CDC leader Senator Weah about his on-going contacts with Taylor who is reportedly heavily engaged in interfering in the elections in Liberia, even from behind bars in the UK.

Taylor still has loyalists and confidantes in Liberia and has been working to insert them in areas of influence to carry out his agenda.

The CDC has a history of providing support for Taylor’s supporters and in 2011, while Taylor was facing international prosecution for his war crimes, the NPP threw its support behind Mr. Weah in his bid to unseat President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Senator George-Weah

CDC Leader Senator George Weah

The West African Times Monrovia correspondent say Liberians who have learned of the association between CDC and Taylor are terrified and wondering why the CDC is allowing itself to be used for Taylor’s meddling in the elections. ” We will totally reject anything like this.

“We do not want Charles Taylor or is ex-wife or George Weah running this country with that kind of agenda. We know where we came from,” a member of Liberia’s House of Representatives told our reporter.

Presidential and General Elections are slated to be held on Tuesday, October 10th. An estimated 2 million Liberian are eligible to vote.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is barred from a third term.

Reporting by James Paye in Monrovia


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