Liberia: Int’l Community Warns CDC About Associating With Taylor

The international community is expressing serious concern over the troubling engagement between jailed war criminal Charles Taylor and the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) led by Senator George Weah and the ex-wife of Taylor Senator Jewel Howard Taylor.

CDC Logo

CDC Logo

Taylor is serving a 50 year jail sentence in a UK jail following his conviction in April, 2012 for aiding and abetting the commission of war crimes.

Taylor is accused of interfering in the Liberian elections and positioning his associates and confidantes in the CDC. The ex-wife of Taylor Jewel admittedly told partisans that CDC, if elected, will promote Taylor’s agenda, although she tried to walk back the statement later.

Charles Taylor in 1990

Charles Taylor in 1990 war

Senator Weah told the BBC that he received a phone call from Taylor but denied that the convicted war criminal was using him. It is clear that Weah and his CDC are being used by Taylor to implement whatever agenda he has.

A diplomatic source in the Liberian capital reached by phone confirmed that the international community was highly concerned about the CDC’s association with Taylor and warned Liberians to avoid coddling and providing support to individuals and politicians who are associated with Taylor, an apparent reference to Senator George Weah.

“The international community has spoken and held Taylor accountable for his heinous crimes. Millions of dollars in treasury and blood were expended to ensure the return of peace and protection of civilians and we will not tolerate anyone that is associating with Taylor and threating Liberia and the sub-region,” the diplomatic source warned.

Senator George Weah and Running Mate Jewel Howard TaylorThe U.S. Congress, in a show of resolve, recently passed a resolution which condemned any “external interference” in the Liberian elections, again an apparent hint to Weah that the major super power is watching his every move.

Some Liberians have told our local correspondent that due to the lack of strategic and critical thinking, Senator George Weah was incapable of exercising the judgment to know that Taylor was using him in a dangerous manner to destabilize Liberia again.

Taylor still enjoys support among some Liberians who are calling on Weah to help free and return Taylor back to Liberia.

The CDC has in recent times seen massive erosion of support among its supporters due to lack of a message and explanation of its programs. Senator Weah has avoided every opportunity to clearly articulate his platform and programs to Liberians and his supporters. .

Liberians are scheduled to vote next Tuesday.

Reporting by Grace Roberts in Darkar Bureau and James Paye in Monrovia

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