Secret War Crimes Indictment Drawn Up Against Benoni Urey – Report

West African Times is getting reports of preparation by the War Crimes Court in the Hague, the Netherlands to indict more Liberians for their active participation and support for the war that destroyed the small West African nation between 1989 and 2003.

Benoni Urey

ALP Political Party Leader Benoni Urey

A confidential source at the Court in the Hague mentioned the current Presidential contender Mr. Benoni Urey, a former close confidante of jailed former President Charles Taylor. Also mentioned is Senator Prince Johnson, Presidential candidate of the Movement for Democratic Reconstruction (MDR). Secret indictments have been drawn up, the source said.

Johnson is a former rebel commander who is responsible for the capture , torture and killing of former Liberian President Samuel K. Doe in September, 9, 1990 during the country’s civil war.

According to the source, their investigators have uncovered a flurry of contacts between couriers for Taylor and his former associates and the Congress for Democractic Change (CDC). Taylor’s ex-wife is the Vice Presidential candidate of the CDC of George Weah.

The West African Times in a prior investigation of the international and local profile of Mr. Urey  noted recently that the world’s super power, the United States, through its Treasury and Justice Departments found, without any doubt, that Urey, who, under the Taylor Administration, presided over the country’s  lucrative Maritime program openly shifted government resources to his boss and convicted war criminal Charles Taylor for the purchase of arms and ammunition and training of child soldiers which were used to kill and maim Liberians including the export of terrorism to neighboring countries.

The U.S. government at the time found enough solid evidence to unequivocally impose Executive Sanctions in 2004 to curb the illicit and murderous support that now Presidential candidate Urey was providing at the expense of the lives of ordinary Liberians, the United Nations and country’s neighbors.

Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor

TRC testimony and sanctions evidence reveal that  Urey’s “wealth” accrued are proceeds siphoned directly from Liberia’s Maritime program and profits from arms deals. Mr. Urey is using his wealth today for his business ventures and to contest the country’s Presidential elections.
A primary Witness who appeared before Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) testified to the following as noted in a TRC press release of a transcript issued on Day Nine of hearings; “…Mr Urey operated the Liberian Rubber Company. Exported thousands of tons of rubber, who can account for that, nobody…”

In a Wikileaks trove of data released in the last two years, the US Embassy in Monrovia had told the  State Department in Washington DC that it held the view that “Benoni Urey, was so effective in siphoning off funds for Charles Taylor and himself.”

The source at the ICC said investigators were able directly tie Urey and other principal war players to overseeing the purchase of arms and supplies for Taylor using third parties and black market arm traders. ” The resulting abuse and killing of innocent civilians in Liberia by Taylor and his cohorts will not go without impunity and no matter how long it takes, we will bring Urey to book for his role,” the source said.

The U.S. Executive Sanction Order was lifted a few years ago in November 2015 against Urey.

During a farewell press interview on the Truth Breakfast show in December 2015, former U.S. Ambassador to Liberia Debra Malac disclosed that individuals who had been delisted from the U.S. Government sanction list could still be denied a visa to enter the country.

Urey has been denied any entry to the U.S.

Reporting by Michael Teflon in Darkar Bureau

West African Times


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