Liberia: CDC Political Rally Flops- Supporters Stay Away

In Liberia, partisans of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) abandoned a political rally on Friday when they failed to amass in areas around the capital.

The West African Times reporter who visited the Paynesville suburb saw just a handful of CDC supporters but no crowd as was expected.

Commercial business was happening at the various gathering points. At the local sportts stadium, the ATS, a few hundred supporters gathered for the rally which was billed as an all-nighter to show a force of numbers.

CDC supporters at ATS

CDC Supporters at ATS

The CDC has in recent days faced massive loss of support among its initial followers who have now begun to assess the chances of the party against more viable and attractive candidates in the Presidential race.

Several individuals who were interviewed said they were not interested in the CDC political rally and were focused on trying to earn a living.

It is unclear why the CDC did not bus in supporters from various communities as is common in situations where attendees fall far less then the expected number. When contacted, a source at near the CDC head office, who identified herself as a party “recruiter” said that the failure of partisans to attend the Friday political rally was being discussed and another strategy was being pursued. Asked what that strategy was, she said she was not authorized to discuss it.

While interviewing the CDC “recruiter”, the West African Times reporter was threatened by an individual who claimed that he was a security guard and asked to leave the area.

Liberia holds Presidential and General Elections on Tuesday, October 10th. About 2 million are registered to vote for a crowded field of Presidential and Representative hopefuls.

Reporting by James Paye in Monrovia

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